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Tips on Picking Suitable Solar Panels for Camping Purposes

A substantial chunk of individuals do like spending time out in nature. I think it’s because they afford us the time to be away from the hassles of the city and everyday life. Perhaps you can already envision that upcoming camp with friends around a fire and staring at the stares at night. Maybe you will be able to get away from technology after all. Just wait one minute please; let’s not kid each other. For sure you will need the technology out there in the world for various essential functions. After all you don’t want to get lost and not have a way to communicate this. So since you can’t walk around with a generator, portable solar panels make all the sense. With recent developments, solar panels have become sleeker, more efficient more durable and for sure cheaper. This article is going to teach you what parameters to look at when picking camping solar panels.

The best place to start is looking into the cell quality. Portable solar panels are graded depending on the quality of cell used in their construction. You will generally come across three solar cells; mono-crystalline (best in direct sunlight), Poly-crystalline (for low-light environments) and amorphous cells (rarest of them all). To ensure you have a portable solar panel with efficient cells, go for trusted manufactures of solar cells. In some cases, the solar cells will have been upgraded by some manufacturers so as to perform even better, e.g. multi-crystalline. Cheaper solar panels will mean low-quality cells and hence an inferior panel. Good quality panels will have their prices speaking volumes and equally they will also have warranties.

Equally, think about the components that the solar panel is coming with. The components of the solar panel do the extra work that makes it possible for the solar cells to perform at peak conditions. For instance some solid cabling, hinges and a good frame are needed. To ensure that your camping solar panel is strong enough, make sure that the frame is made of aluminium and also ensure you have heavy duty latches. If you find a camping solar panel with rust proof compensated and hail proof solar cells, then clearly your camping solar panel is built to withstand very harsh conditions.

Weight and ease of use are also vital factors of consideration. Simply, pick a camping solar panel that is easy to operate and connect to your devices. Undoubtedly, you don’t want to be lost in the woods with a solar panel that has officially become your enemy. Again, since you will be moving around a lot, a low-weight solar panel is ideal. In the case of an expedition, consider something with the energy capacity to sustain all the power you need.

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